Fall Activities for You and Your Dog

With fall approaching, now’s a good time to start planning longer walks with your dog.  In the summer, high temperatures make walks shorter by necessity – for both you and your dog. But the crisper, cooler air may have both of you feeling a little more frisky, and a walk is a means of exercise and bonding with your pet, not to mention an antidote to boredom. A bonus to come in a few weeks will be the changing leaves. [Read more…]

Why You Should Microchip Your Pet

While we’re not a substitute for your veterinarian, we are often asked whether having your pet microchipped is a good idea.

The answer is a simple one: YES!

A 2009 study by the Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine reported that dogs with microchips were 2.5 times more likely than those without to be returned home – while microchipped cats were 20 times more likely to be returned home than those without. [Read more…]

Bored Cat Prevention

If it’s been many moons since your cat was a playful kitten, you might think your furry friend is content to sleep most of the day and needs little more than a few ear scratches or pats on the head.

If so, you’re likely wrong.

They won’t tell you – which is part of the feline charm – but challenging and mentally stimulating your cat can be good for them.   [Read more…]

Why We Insist on “Every Day Visits” for Cats and Smaller Pets

When we first meet with potential new clients, we’re sometimes asked if we can check in on their cat (or cats) every other day.

Unfortunately, we have to say “no,” as it’s against our policy – and there’s a good reason why: Anything can happen when a pet is left alone, and it’s simply a smart idea to check up on the pet – and your house – each day. [Read more…]

How Much Does a Pet Sitter Cost?

A common question we receive concerns our pricing.

Yes, our prices are slightly higher than some others, but there’s a reason for that. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, our prices may be higher because we offer a higher level of service. There’s an old saying that “you get what you pay for.” [Read more…]