Preparing for your Pet Sitter

The employees of Steph’s Pet Sitting look forward to every visit with our (mostly) four-legged friends and take steps in advance to be prepared for any circumstances.

Like our clients, we hope that you, too, will take a few steps to guarantee every visit is a positive experience for your pets.

It’s important you fill out as completely as possible the client and pet information in your account with us. Before each trip, we will send you an email asking you to update your Current Trip Information. This includes leaving/returning times, your destination, how you want to be updated if anyone else will be there and a section for specific notes for this trip only. The more information we have the better, especially as it pertains to emergency contacts, medications, house info and the quirks about your pets that make them so lovable. Let us know where to find things such as leashes, pet towels for wet paws, pet carriers, toys and cleaning supplies, too. Make sure there is plenty of food, medications, cat litter, and treats.

Beyond that, prepare your home for the pet sitter’s visit.

Leave behind an item or two of clothing that has your scent on it to help comfort your pet while you’re away. This can be laid on their favorite spot on your bed.

Make sure your home’s thermostat is set at a comfortable level for your pets. At the meet-and-greet, show where the thermostat is and how to operate it.

Some other things to prepare:

  • If you haven’t changed the smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector batteries in a while, do so. Repeating alarms may well spook your pets in what will already be a stressful time.

  • Especially around the holidays, take care to move potentially dangerous decorations and plants, like poinsettias, to locations out of the reach of your pet.

  • Make sure any alarms are properly working and be certain we have the proper codes to disarm them.

  • If you rent, let your landlord know we’ll be visiting. Contact information is helpful as well in case there is an issue with the water or heat.

  • Put ID tags on your pets. We also recommend microchipping as tags and collars can fall off and the information etched on them can fade.

  • If someone will be in your home while you are away, please note that in your client account for each trip. Because of safety concerns we are reluctant to enter your home if someone else is there.

  • If your pet sitter’s first visit will be after dark, please leave the light on for them.

With a little planning, your pets and their sitters can have an enjoyable time together which will give you peace of mind while you’re away!


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  1. This is a good article, short and sweet while covering all the important details about pet sitting! It is very detailed about making sure your pet is ready and making sure your pet sitter has everything they need to be taking care of your pet. Well done!

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