Updated September 2021

Meet and Greet  (FREE) 
This is our initial meeting so that everyone can get acquainted and we can discuss our pet sitting services. We will go over the information you entered into your account, have you show us where things are, and, of course, get to know your four-legged friends.  
We require 2 sets of house keys at this time.  One is for your main sitter and the other is for your backup sitter.  We are comfortable using a lockbox, door code, or garage pad but would still require at least 1 key as a backup.
Steph’s Pet Sitting lockboxes are coming soon…
The meet and greet usually takes about 30 minutes, depending on how many pets you have.
**If we need to make an additional visit after the meet and greet to get a key or for any other reason, there will be an additional charge.**
Pet Sitting Visits
These visits can be done when you’re away for the day, weekend, or longer.  Your pets will enjoy personalized care and you’ll have peace of mind while you’re gone.  Each pet sitting visit can include:
    *fresh food, water, and treats 
    *walking or tinkle time in the yard
    *litter box care 
    *oral medications given
    *playtime, cuddles, or just a gentle voice
    *bring in the mail, papers, and packages
    *water a few house plants, if needed
    *trash and recycling took in or out
    *bird feeders refilled
    *dehumidifiers emptied if needed
    *house check for security     
A Pawgress Report will be emailed to you after each visit.
              30-minute visit          
                 $24/visit for 1 pet,       
                 $28/visit for 2 pets,              
                 $32/visit for 3 pets   
 *We can also do hourly visits starting at $40/hour.
**ALL pets are included in pricing and will receive their own level of care.  Small pets in the same cage may be counted as one pet.
We do NOT do every other day pet sitting visits for ANY pets.
Dog Walking Visits

Are you away from home for the day? 

Are you working from home and don’t have time to walk your dog?

We will give your dog plenty of exercise, either on a leashed walk or in your fenced-in yard, fresh water, and a treat.  

A Pawgress Report will be emailed to you after each visit.

 Walks can be done most times of the day and any day of the week. They can be ongoing (midday during the week) or random single visits.

 20 Minute Walk                           30 Minute Walk            

$22/walk for 1 dog                       $24/walk for 1 dog  

$24/walk for 2 dogs                    $26/walk for 2 dogs

$26/walk for 3 dogs                    $28/walk for 3 dogs

Call us for a personalized schedule!   

Overnight Slumber Party

The overnight fee includes:

  • The last pet sitting visit of the day,
  • The first pet sitting visit the next day,
  • And a fun-filled sleepover!

We will do all the same services listed under the pet sitting visit.  Your sitter is happy to have your pets cuddle up in bed with them, and encourages it!

Your sitter will stay with your pets from approximately 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. the next morning, for a total of 10 hours of personalized care. 

     $99/night for 1 pet,

     $104/night for 2 pets,

     $109/night for 3 pets 

We also offer an “Extended” Overnight Slumber Party, where your sitter will stay with your pets from approximately 7 p.m. to 10 a.m. the next morning, for a total of 15 hours of personalized care.  (above hours can be adjusted for your pet’s needs).

        $135/night for 1 pet,

      $145/night for 2 pets,

      $155/night for 3 pets       

Misc. Services
  • Airport drop off for humans – $50 
  • Insulin – $5/injection with pet sitting visit
  • SubQ fluids – $30     
  • Feline Mani/Pedi  – $25 for one cat, $5 for each additional cat
  • Lockout service – $50 – if you lock yourself out of your house, call us and we’ll bring you your key.  (this service is not guaranteed as it depends on the time of day and our schedules).
Holiday Rates
  $10 additional/dog walking or pet sitting visit
  $20 additional/overnight visit for these days…                       
  • New Year’s Eve     
  • New Year’s Day
  • Easter                     
  • Memorial Day
  • 4th of July             
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving         
  • Christmas Eve
  • Christmas Day
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