How Much Does a Pet Sitter Cost?

A common question we receive concerns our pricing.

Yes, our prices are slightly higher than some others, but there’s a reason for that. At the risk of sounding presumptuous, our prices may be higher because we offer a higher level of service. There’s an old saying that “you get what you pay for.”

We compete with what are known as “hobby” pet sitters. These usually are people who take on pet sitting jobs to earn some extra income.

You might have an acceptable experience with a
hobby sitter, especially if your pet has no special needs.

But consider what might go wrong.

Perhaps that neighbor teen forgets to lock your door afterward, and you’re robbed. Or they forget to show up altogether — anyone with children knows reliability is not often a strong suit.

Maybe that kindly retiree drops the leash when your dog sees a squirrel and your pet goes missing.

And what happens when the neighbor walks into your house to find your pet clearly in distress and in need of a veterinarian’s attention?

Granted, these kinds of things don’t happen often, but they DO happen.

We are trained to deal with these and other kinds of situations that may develop. Furthermore, we’re insured and bonded, so there’s additional peace of mind should something happen.

In short, we offer more professional service — service backed by years of experience.

We believe that professional service is worth possibly paying a few dollars more — and your pets probably agree.


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