Why We Insist on “Every Day Visits” for Cats and Smaller Pets

When we first meet with potential new clients, we’re sometimes asked if we can check in on their cat (or cats) every other day.

Unfortunately, we have to say “no,” as it’s against our policy – and there’s a good reason why: Anything can happen when a pet is left alone, and it’s simply a smart idea to check up on the pet – and your house – each day.

For example, if you have a male cat, there’s always the risk for a sudden urethral blockage, a painful and potentially lethal condition. By visiting every 24 hours, we can catch this and other ailments that put a pet in distress and get your furry friend the veterinary assistance it needs. If we wait 48 hours, the results could be tragic.

Even if your cat typically hides, we take pains to “put eyes on” your pet at every visit.

Meantime, pets can get into plenty of mischiefs – as shown by some of the Farmers Insurance commercials. Pet Sitters International gives the example of a cat possibly loosening a washing machine water hose, causing a flood. Again, time is of the essence and a visit every 24 hours is likely to minimize damage.

Sure, the odds of that happening are slim, but maybe you accidentally shut your cat into a closet before you left. Perhaps your house is for sale and the Realtor didn’t close a door afterward. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that your cat crawls into a tight spot – inside a vent or a sleeper sofa – and couldn’t get out.

Still not convinced?

How about a cat jumping on a counter, bumping a knob and turning the stove on?

What about a malfunctioning auto feeder that leaves your pet without food and/or water?

Or how about a broken furnace or air conditioning that leaves your pet in extreme heat or cold?

Granted, all of these things happen rarely, but they do happen. Better to give yourself (and your pet) peace of mind with a visit every day.


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