Your Dog Likes a Routine

Given the ongoing pandemic, a lot of us are in routines we find boring: Wake up, eat breakfast, work from home, eat lunch, work some more, eat dinner, watch TV, go to bed. And the next day we do it all over again.
Your boredom is understandable since nearly everyone craves a little variety.
But the same isn’t true for your dog – he/she loves a routine. Dogs are creatures of habit.

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You, Your Pets and Coronavirus

Everyone’s talking these days about coronavirus and, naturally enough, pet owners wonders if they could make their dog or cat sick – or vice versa.

You shouldn’t worry, even though there were recent reports a dog in Hong Kong had tested “weak positive” for coronavirus. That likely came from the dog being in close contact with an infected human who was shedding the virus. [Read more…]

Why You Should Consider Adopting a Senior Pet

November is Adopt a Senior Pet Month, an idea we heartily support.
Yes, kittens and puppies are always going to be the most popular options for those seeking a new pet and the advantages are many – the cuteness factor, longer lifespan, and playfulness, to name a few.
But older pets carry a whole different set of advantages and may be an ideal fit for you. Consider the following: [Read more…]

Keep Your Dog Safe and Cool During the Hot Summer Months

Summertime is supposed to be easy – and it often is – but it can be dangerous for your pets, too.
Just as humans deal with overheating, hydration issues, sunburn, and heatstroke, pets can face the same problems. That’s why you need to be careful when your pet is out and about on a hot day.
Here are a few things to watch…
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Preparing for your Pet Sitter

The employees of Steph’s Pet Sitting look forward to every visit with our (mostly) four-legged friends and take steps in advance to be prepared for any circumstances.

Like our clients, we hope that you, too, will take a few steps to guarantee every visit is a positive experience for your pets. [Read more…]

Disaster Preparedness for your Pets

While Philadelphia-area residents won’t have to worry about a significant impact from Hurricane Florence, you never know when Mother Nature may target us — or some kind of manmade disaster occurs.

That’s why you need to consider emergency preparedness measures in advance; it’s always easier to get ready before a catastrophic event occurs.

And be sure not to forget your beloved pets. Here are a few steps you can take. [Read more…]

Taking Your Pets on Vacation

It may seem counterintuitive that a pet sitting business would be writing about taking your pets on vacation with you, but sometimes it’s the only option — or maybe you just want Fido and/or Fluffy to come with you.
That said, bringing a dog or cat isn’t as simple as loading up your car, truck or SUV and calling for Spot to jump into the back seat.

Let’s look at some things you should do (and not do) in advance. [Read more…]

Celebrating Professional Pet Sitter’s Week

March 4 through 10 is the 24th annual Professional Pet Sitters Week, and we think that’s a big deal.

And you should, too.

Some people think there isn’t that much difference when it comes to pet care. How difficult is it to walk a dog, feed a cat or scoop out a litter box, they ask.

On the surface, not much. In reality, plenty. It all comes down to professionalism. [Read more…]

Take Pause-to Protect Your Dog’s Paws

It may be the most wonderful time of the year about now – except for your dog’s paw pads.

Snow, ice and salt can wreak havoc on your dog, causing frostbite, chemical burns, dry and cracked pads, and other trauma.

That’s why you need to take steps to protect your four-legged friend’s feet. [Read more…]

Fall Activities for You and Your Dog

With fall approaching, now’s a good time to start planning longer walks with your dog.  In the summer, high temperatures make walks shorter by necessity – for both you and your dog. But the crisper, cooler air may have both of you feeling a little more frisky, and a walk is a means of exercise and bonding with your pet, not to mention an antidote to boredom. A bonus to come in a few weeks will be the changing leaves. [Read more…]